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March 2013

I've spent a week in North Devon on holiday during this month.  Visited Berrynarbor about three miles from Ilfracombe which has a population of about 750. Tried taking some long time shots by using a natural density filter. The filter has the effect of blocking light by 10 stops, so a shot requiring 1/2000 second requires 1/2 second or 1/30 second requires 30 seconds.

The two shots that show the effect are the pictures titled Razor Slate and Rabbit Heaven. Rabbit Heaven was taken at Braunton Burrows and the shot was timed at 50 seconds. It gives the sea that flat look and sky a sense of movement. Razor Slate was timed at 30 seconds.

January 2013

In the first month of the project I've been taking pictures in Dartmoor National Park. Postbridge near Princetown were the first places that I visited on New Years morning at 8:30am to watch the sunrise and later the sunset on the Foggin Tor path.  I've been going for the so called golden hours of 1 hour before and after sunrise and sunset. During these times the sun is lower in the sky and you get lovely warm hues that can enhance the landscape shots you take.

Start point lighthouse in Devon was visited but I was unable to get access to the lighthouse. Closed and a big locked gate to block your access so had to settle for some shots over the gate. It was blowing a gale and very cold. Visited Cotehele estate on the 14th January which gives you views of Calstock from its walking paths and I managed to get two photos of the railway bridge one with a rainbow over the bridge.  I'm not completely happy with the landscape shots but will visit the Cotehele site again during the year.

Gutter Tor on Dartmoor National Park was my final place visited during the month. The morning visit was a complete disaster with rain and high winds and little visibility. I came away with a broken  polarising filter and ring at a cost of 130. Managed to knock my tripod over onto granite rock. The front of the camera with the polarising filter and ring hit the rock first and saved the lens. Not a good morning but still went back about two hours before sunset and got about six photos that I was happy with.



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